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    DO3000 Controller / Transmitter
    Dissolved Oxygen Controller/Transmitter
    DO3000 Dissolved Oxygen Controller / Transmitter
    Designed for fermentation, pharmaceutical and complex industrial process, Simple plaintext operation, Large luminant LCD, Cost efficient, Reliable even under unfavorable ambient conditions. DO3000 is your most economical choice.
    Dissolved Oxygen Controller/Transmitter
    NEMA4X, IP65 rated: waterproof and anti-gas. High protection against electromagnetic
    Large LCD, with high luminance LED orange backlight.
    Automatically compensates salinity / barometric after manual input for increased accuracy.
    Control modes: on / off limited control (LIT).
    Separately adjustable high and low set-point hysteresis (dead bands) prevent chattering of relays
          around the set points.
    Two level password protection prevents unauthorized tampering with settings.
    Scaleable isolated 0/4 -20 mA Outputs.
    Optional nanoampere electrode (80nA, 400nA)
    Aquaculture Industrial process Boiler water Circulating water
    Aquaculture Industrial process Boiler water Circulating water
    Dissolved Oxygen Range 0.0-400.0% , 0.00-40.00 mg/L
      Resolution 0.1% , 0.01 mg/L
      Accuracy 0.0-40.0 ppt
      Salinity Compensation 0.2% F.S.
      Temperature Compensation 0.0-50.0 C
      Pressure Compensation 600-2000 mBar
    Temperature Range -10.0-110.0 C
      Resolution 0.1°C
      Accuracy 0.3 C
      Temperature Sensor 22 K
      Temperature Compensation Automatic
    Signal Output Signal Output 4-20 mA (Adjustable)
      Current Accuracy 1% F.S.
      Load < 500 O
    Relay Ouput On/Off 2 SPST Relays
      Output 2.5A 230 VAC
    Others Power 85~260 VAC or 24 VDC
      Working Temperature 0~60°C
      Humidity < 90%
      IP Rated IP65
      Installation Panel Mounting
      Dimensions (H×W×D) 108×108×158 mm
      Panel Cut Size 94.5×94.5 mm
      Weight 0.5 kg
    Model Specification images
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